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GaXW-7 Chelating Resin, a solid particle as big as fish eggs with hollow core and a diameter of 0.6mm-1.3mm, is a special chelating resin used for adsorbing gallium metal, which was developed by Zhuhai Fangyuan after 3 years of researching with its own intellectual property rights, and awarded the State invention patent (No. ZL03112341.4) in June 2005.

GaXW-7 Chelating Resin researched by our company filled the gap of adsorbing gallium with special chelating resin in China. It is a highly poly bead body after copolymerization of cross-linking agent and organic olefine and then prepared after organic reaction which is a kind of high-molecular insoluble, infusible with organic functional group. Acting force to gallium: firstly, chemical chelating force of functional group, secondly, adsorption force of physical structure. There are three major features comparing with similar products abroad i.e. firstly, strong selectivity, such resin only adsorbs gallium ions without adsorbing other metal ions which leads to high purity gallium; secondly, large adsorption capacity and good desorption performance. Adsorption capacity is a main parameter judging resin, the bigger the capacity, the better the gallium adsorption capacity, hence the better desorption result, the higher gallium output; thirdly, strong durability. Producing gallium with resin adsorption is a process of continuous adsorption and desorption in alkaline medium which requires very strict resin strength. Duration of our resin is more than 3-4 months under normal operation which is one time more than that of other resins while the price is much lower than similar resins and is favored by other gallium producers.