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Gallium metal is a silvery white dissipated metal, with chemical symbol Ga, specific gravity 5.98 g/cm3, melting point 29.78℃ and boiling point 2403℃, non-toxic.

Gallium metal is primarily used in new high-tech materials such as compound semiconductor materials, electron optics, special alloys, novel functional materials and organic metal compound. It is playing a more and more important role in the fields of communication technology, electronic computer, photoelectric material, aerospace, pharmaceutical, photosensitive material, energy and catalysts etc. Many countries in Europe, America and Japan have already reserved gallium metal as one of their strategic reserve materials.

Zhuhai Fangyuan, which has 6 gallium metal plants, possesses a great deal of gallium metal resources. The total capacity accounts for one third of the total output of primary gallium in the world. Gallium metal is sold widely to USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan etc., furthermore domestic sales amount is escalating year by year.