Message from Mr. Chen Zengjie-general manager at the Commencement Ceremony of FANGYUAN BUILDING Date:2015-03-16

Good morning, dear distinguished guests, friends! Today is a great day. Fangyuan Building, expected by everybody is going to be commenced today. On behalf of Zhuhai SEZ Fangyuan Inc. and Hongsheng Technologies Co., Ltd. At the pleasant moment of beautiful and bright spring season, I’d like to express warm welcome to all of you and thanks to the support for this project from each department of Zhuhai municipality and Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, and express our sincere greetings to the departments who attended the design, construction, construction cost and monitoring. Special greetings to Mr. Xu-chief engineer and Mr. Yang Chunning-general consultant who have done a great deal of careful work day and night even without any food and sleep to the smooth commencement of the project. Fangyuan Building, a 12-storey building which is 60 meters high with a total building area of 18880 square meters, will be completed by the end of 2016. The building, dignified and personalized, situates in the Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, leaning Lovers’ Road, will stand in the Special economic zone, serve Zhuhai and report to society, and set sail from Maliuzhou Waterway to new economic status and new hope of China with the spirit of Free Trade Zone. Wish Fangyuan Building good luck of commencement, smooth construction and complete in time. Wish all distinguished guests and friends healthy and happy with their families. Thank you!